Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes services division was growing very rapidly. They needed some technical infrastructure to bring the growth under control. Their existing time reporting system was not year 2000 compliant (this was 1999). They were also having a difficult time coordinating marketing efforts, evaluating results and tracking lead hand-offs to their sales people. The sales people also had difficulty interfacing with technical people for pre and post sales support because of communications barriers.

The Solution

After evaluating several different packages, the Dassault Systemes architect determined that Tracker Suite had the capabilities to solve 85% of the existing problems. The architect also determined that Automation Centre was the right company to bring in as a technology partner because of Automation Centre's mature application frameworks that include time reporting, billing, sales force automation, engagement scheduling and customer relationship management.

Using several products and services from Automation Centre, over a 3 month period, Dassault was able to successfully deploy time reporting to the entire company of over 200 employees. This also functioned as a:

The Benefits

The biggest benefit was implementing a process for contract management that gave upper management the tools they needed to get critical information in a timely and consistent manner to properly manage the company's growth.