The American Division of this large multinational banking firm, EAB, needed time management software to track the amount of time their legal department was spending on a case-by-case basis dealing with various activities at their U.S. branch offices. They had been using Timeslips and found that they needed the additional functionality that a Lotus Notes product could provide. They also had not implemented a 32-bit operating system on the workspace of the end users, since they had decided not to utilize W95 and did not have a way to convert their existing Document Management tool to an NT environment. It appears they will be selecting Domino.doc for this phase.

The Solution

They selected Time Tracker because it met their requirements. They selected Automation Centre because we were willing to work with them in helping define the requirements document and were able to configure Time Tracker to look to a custom built Project database that reflected their existing project documentation methodology. This got them up and running quickly while they are working on implementing a full document management tool.

The Benefits

EAB ABN AMRO is able to better capture the billable hours from their legal department now and has improved their reporting capabilities to their clients and management. This saves them money and assures them that all billable hours are being accounted for.