Managing Six Sigma Projects with Lotus Notes

Managing Projects, Documents and Process Tollgates in Lotus Notes

Gantt charts

Gantt charts

Tracker Suite's project management and workflow model lends itself well to Design for Six Sigma methodologies.

From the initial Definition phase, organizations can utilize Project Tracker to establish the project definition and even program. Tracker Suite's Personnel Tracker provides a Web-accessible employee catalog, with detailed personnel files including skill sets and knowledge areas, which project leaders can utilize to quickly identify and contact the skilled resources and easily assemble project teams.

Managing Six Sigma Project Documents

Six Sigma project management relies on VOC ("Voice of Customer") and CTQ ("Critical To Quality") documents in delivering a successful project. These documents define the project goals and expectations, and are continually reviewed in the life of the project. Tracker Suite provides a secure environment for document management, with activity logging and workflow control. Tracker Suite also provides document templates, allowing organizations to roll successful Six Sigma project documents into new projects.

Six Sigma Project Workflow and Tollgates

Process tollgates for the Design for Six Sigma methodology

DFSS Process tollgates

In addition to reviewing the project against standards, successful Six Sigma project management also requires the ability to review the up-to-date progress of the ongoing project itself. Tracker Suite provides a robust status reporting feature, including automated reminders to ensure that project reporting is timely.

As well as reminders for status reports, Tracker Suite also provides automatic notifications of project task assignments, ensuring that all team members are aware of their responsibilities as their Six Sigma project unfolds. Project managers can review project dashboard, Gantt charts and task list reports in the Tracker Data Warehouse to guide their team effectively.

Another hallmark of the Six Sigma project management methodology is the analysis of the project's standing at the end of each phase. Using the document templates described previously, Tracker Suite can easily establish process tollgates, ensuring that each phase of a Six Sigma project is fully completed to specification.