Six Sigma Document Management using Lotus Notes

Design for Six Sigma Document Management

Managing Designed for Six Sigma document templates

Document templates

In any flavor of Design for Six Sigma, there is a critical need for document management, the need to create, track and update the important documents generated in each phase of the methodology. These include the project charters and risk assessments generated in the Design phase, the Voice of Customer (VOC) studies created in the Measurement phase and the final analysis reports in the Verification phase.

Tracker Suite offers an environment for Six Sigma document management. Tracker Suite provides a secure, centralized location for documents within the project folder, simplifying the accessibility of project information as well as securing critical documents in a single, easily controlled area.

In addition, Tracker Suite also provides activity logging as well as workflow approval, ensuring the responsibility and security required for document management within the Six Sigma standard.

Document templates provide another layer of Six Sigma document management within Tracker Suite. Templates ensure consistency throughout the project, as well as allowing successful document templates to be easily rolled into new projects.