Tracker Suite 5.1 for HR Released

Automation Centreís New Tracker Suite for HR Lowers Human Resources Workload, Improves Employee Relations

Integrated Suite Uses Power of Lotus Notes® / Domino® To Let Employees Self-Manage Information; Solution Also Automates Hiring Processes, Tracks Staff Skills, Much More

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL (January 31, 2002) - Automation Centre (, a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software, today announced it has begun shipping Tracker Suite for HR, the companyís central data management system for human resources personnel. Tracker Suite for HR is comprised of five Web-enabled applications that run on Lotus Notes / Domino, all designed to significantly reduce routine human resource management chores while simultaneously improving employee relations through better communication, workflow, and information availability over company networks and the Internet.

Tracker Suite for HR, described in full at, is the only suite of its kind designed specifically to automate and improve human resource functions. The suite includes:

  • Personnel Tracker - A stand-alone Web-based repository of employee information including phone number, address, office location, supervisor, service date, birthday, benefit plan, and vacation dates, among other critical facts. The database, which can be overlaid onto an existing Lotus Notes name/address book, can be self-managed by employees, thereby simplifying adds and changes as they occur.
  • Applicant Tracker - A powerful management tool that completely automates the interview and hiring process, Applicant Tracker stores resumes, schedules interviews and reference checks, manages the ranking process, and tracks orientation and provisioning for new hires. Data for new and transferred employees is automatically imported into Personnel Tracker to streamline data entry tasks and eliminate errors.
  • Skills Tracker - Enables supervisors, HR staff, and corporate trainers to create and administer tests and interviews that quantify the skill sets of employees throughout the extended enterprise. The secure, Web-enabled application can be bridged to existing e-Learning environments; whatís more, employees can review their own exam results online, tracking progress and identifying areas that require further study.
  • Evaluation Tracker - Takes control of the employee performance tracking function by organizing and maintaining personnel reviews and evaluations. Evaluation Tracker lets staff create templates customized by department and function, and enables authorized personnel to complete evaluations online anytime and anywhere. An online discussion forum allows personnel to share ideas and concerns across the organization.
  • Tracker DataWarehouse - Tracker Suite for HRís compilation and analysis engine generates executive level reports on such items as projected vs. actual, headcount by cost center or department, employee turnover, salary, birthday/anniversaries, vacation, etc.

"Human capital has become the essential element in most corporations today," said Steven Birchfield, president of Automation Centre. "Tracker Suite for HR enables human resource executives to not only free themselves from routine tasks and concentrate on more critical issues, but also to actually enhance productivity by facilitating knowledge. Think of the efficiencies, for example, if a product manager had a need for a technology writer. With Tracker Suite for HR, that manager could search the employee directory for a person with the proper skill set, review their resume, even see the personís photo."

"Whether a company has 50 or 50,000 employees, Tracker Suite for HRís high-level tools can automate, simplify, enhance, and facilitate workflows for personnel across the entire enterprise," Birchfield said.

Sanyo North America Spreads Contact Info

Sanyo North America was faced with the problem of tracking employee information for more than 1,500 employees spread across nineteen subsidiaries in the U.S. and Canada. The company recently installed Tracker Suite for HRís Personnel Tracker application to make it easier for employees to contact each other.

"We found Tracker Suite for HR very easy to get started on," said Patrick Graupp, human resources director for Sanyo North America, based in San Diego. "The interface is the same as Lotus Notes, which makes it a snap for our employees to operate. With Personnel Tracker installed, everyone in our organization, from headquarters staff to sales personnel in the field, will now be able to find and track employees regardless of assignment or location."

Easy Interface With Tracker Suite Modules

Tracker Suite for HR easily integrates with any other module in the Tracker Suite family of professional automation products including Tracker Suite for IT, Tracker Suite for Sales, and Tracker Suite for Projects. Users can connect to Tracker Suite timesheet, purchase order, or sales applications, for example, to leverage information and reduce management tasks.

Custom application services for Tracker Suite can be implemented upon request. For a full explanation of Tracker Suite for HR, as well as Automation Centreís other office automation products, visit or