Scheduling Project Meetings

Through Lotus Notes, Project Tracker offers a complete scheduling software solution for your project management needs. Meetings can be scheduled from within the project document itself. The meeting form is quickly filled out with topic, agendas and invitees. The entire project team can be invited by clicking a single button.

Project Tracker provides a scheduler that details available free time for all invitees. Once saved, an email notification is automatically emailed to all invitees which includes a doclink to the meeting document, as well as buttons for accepting or declining the invitation.

As invitations are accepted or declined, the meeting document is updated with the status of the respondents.

During the meeting, minutes can be taken down and action items created within the meeting document. Project risks can be identified and described on an item-by-item basis for inclusion in the project.

Once completed, a meeting summary is emailed to all the invitees, with the meeting minutes and action items. The meeting document is archived in the project document, contributing to a complete project history for future review.

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