TrackerSuite.NetTM 2.0 Released

Automation Centre Launches TrackerSuite.Net 2.0, a Consolidated Solution for IT and Professional Services Automation

TrackerSuite.Net Competes as a Single-Point Solution for IT Operations Management, with New, Integrated Modules for Help Desk, Assets, Projects, Time and Billing, and Business Intelligence

TUCSON, AZ (JUNE 2008) The Automation Centre software company ( has released the new version of its 100% Web based workflow application suite, TrackerSuite 2.0 (http://www.TrackerSuite.Net) which includes two new modules, Support Tracker.Net, a Web based help desk, and Asset Tracker.Net, an asset management software solution. These applications integrate with existing applications for Projects, Time, Expense, Purchasing and Reporting, offering CIOs, IT Directors and Managers a single solution for improving the management of IT Operations.

The integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net applications will allow IT departments to leverage these tools in unique ways. For example, they will be able to convert suitable support tickets into projects or tasks. Support tickets can be attached to assets, creating histories and facilitating help desk coverage.

A full overview of the way these modules integrate with each other to simplify IT operations management can be found at http://www.TrackerSuite.Net/IT.

"Our mission is to deliver solutions that not only answer the needs of customers, but empower them as well," says Steven Birchfield, president of Automation Centre. "The fact that we include source code with our product licensing is proof of that. With TrackerSuite.Net 2.0, companies can manage, track and measure their IT operations within a single solution instead of being forced to juggle a bunch of disconnected, inflexible systems. And if they want to customize their solution, they have the option of leveraging their own resources instead of contracting services from us. We even offer the option of hosting TrackerSuite.Net solutions."

Automation Centre offers an "Up and Running Guarantee" with TrackerSuite, with the promise that TrackerSuite.Net can be fully installed and implemented within 45 days of project launch.

For more information about TrackerSuite.Net and its modules, visit http://www.TrackerSuite.Net. Visitors to the site may register for immediate access to an online demo at http://www.TrackerSuite.Net/RFI.