TrackerSuite.Net Released!

Automation Centre Debuts TrackerSuite.Net, Bringing Smart Web Capability To Company’s Collaboration Offering

New Product Line Leverages Power of Web Services to Provide Rich, Smart, Email-Enabled Collaborative Applications for Projects, Time/Expense Reporting, HR and More

TUCSON, AZ (April 27, 2007) - Automation Centre, a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software, today announced the release of TrackerSuite.Net, a next-generation product that makes the most of Web services technology to create new, strategic and tailored team collaboration solutions for organizations. TrackerSuite.Net not only offers a Web-based platform for conventional collaborative tasks such as project management, time and expense reporting, and personnel management, but also enables the easy creation of exciting and individualized solutions for Sarbanes Oxley compliance, job costing, portfolio management and more.

TrackerSuite.Net is composed of several configurable and modular applications that are 100% SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The applications, all of which support established W3C standards such as LDAP, SOAP and XML, include Personnel Tracker, Project Tracker, Time Tracker, Expense Tracker and Purchase Tracker. Functionality of the various modules match the company’s existing TrackerSuite counterparts built for the Lotus Notes/Domino environment.

Unlike TrackerSuite, however, TrackerSuite.Net applications are accessed and used via Microsoft Internet Explorer and will send any type of email. This ubiquitous capability makes TrackerSuite.Net especially well suited for LANs and WANs, not to mention as a powerful component of enterprise Intranet strategies.

"TrackerSuite.Net is a next generation solution because it can be shaped to fit hundreds of different collaborative needs," said Steven Birchfield, chief executive officer of Automation Centre. "TrackerSuite.Net applications integrate with Microsoft Project, most popular CRM applications, and virtually any other SOA-compatible enterprise platform. Only light development work is required to integrate databases, applications and users- in fact, with TrackerSuite.Net, most business administrators can create their own Web business solutions."

Fully Customizable

Using TrackerSuite.Net, companies can create many new and feature-rich applications. As an example, by connecting Purchase Tracker with a company’s accounting system, a Sarbanes Oxley purchase-to-pay compliance platform can be instituted. Workflows can be assembled that link purchase requisition forms to the purchase-to-pay cycle, thus establishing an authorization trail for compliance reporting.

Job costing is another example of a strategic capability that is possible through TrackerSuite.Net. Such a collaborative capability can be implemented by integrating Project Tracker with a company’s project request engine, enabling the company to track time against organizational objectives.

"Automation Centre has 15 years of experience in workflow and collaboration technologies. We have a unique insight into the collaboration needs of the modern organization," Birchfield stated. "TrackerSuite.Net addresses these evolving needs, allowing customers to move to the next level of team efficiency and cost savings."

The full suite of TrackerSuite.Net applications are now available. To learn more about TrackerSuite.Net, as well as Automation Centre’s other office automation solutions, visit www.TrackerSuite.Net or